Look for our masterful cleaning assistance in Liverpool and save money as you are having your whole household sanitised. Liverpool Carpet is a company with a lot of experience in this field and we have the right personnel for any sort of cleaning job. Our range of services is huge and we plan on expanding it even further. Our goal is to always be up to date in order to answer our customers’ needs adequately. Some of our services include:


Not only that with is you will be getting a thorough and efficient mattress cleaning services, you will also end up paying significantly less than usual. A one-time mattress sanitation will cost you just 19£. We also have the lowest prices per cleaner per hour in the area. With Liverpool Carpet you pay as low as 9£ per hour. The best part is that we have a current promotion allowing you to get 1 hour free when you make your next domestic cleaning appointment. This can also include mattress cleaning.


Your curtains also absorb plenty of dust and particles. You should wash them even if they do not show stains or spots. Once such things become visible, it is probably too late. Our expert team of Liverpool cleaners has plenty of knowledge and we will steam clean and vacuum your curtains on the spot. It will come to 19£ for a short pair of curtains if we talk about regular purification. A one-off curtain steam cleaning costs 20£ for a half-length pair of curtains. Liverpool Carpet can also remove stains by utilising dry cleaning technology.


Your sofas and upholstery generally see a lot of use. Not many pieces of furniture can endure this without becoming dirty or showing wear. We are the Liverpool cleaners to get when similar issues occur. We will gently treat the surface of your upholstery and will make sure all of the dirty spots will be gotten rid of. Don’t worry about the integrity of your armchairs as we will send you only well-trained personnel. We conduct our coaching sessions in-house and carefully build the most reliable cleaning team in Liverpool. Get our services for a quick armchair sanitation for only 17£. We can help at your office where our technicians can be told to focus on cleaning your microfiber sofas for only 40£ for a three-seat piece. Separate chairs can also be sanitised for only 5£ per office chair.


home-page-3Carpet cleaning is an integral part of every household. You want to have good looking rooms and fresh air at the same time. Even carpets of the highest quality require constant attention especially if they are in your office. All of our regular carpet cleaning procedures cost less than 30£. Steam cleaning assistance in Liverpool is also an option but the prices vary depending on the size of your rug. Even some of the largest pieces can be sanitised by Liverpool Carpet for not more than 54£.

Many cleaning challenges take place outdoors as well. The fastest and most effective sanitation method is Jet Wash Cleaning. Get it for only 2£ per square meter. Please note that the minimum order here should be worth at least 45£.